Ohio’s Original Interscholastic Creative Writing Program for Middle Schools

Registration Guidelines

Note: Late Registration is still available in many districts.

Registration Deadline – November 30, 2018

The cost to enroll on or after October 15, 2018 is $350 for an individual 7th or 8th grade team, and $450 for a full team of writers, 7th and 8th grade combined. Purchase Orders or payment of fees should be sent to: Power of the Pen, PO Box 442, Richfield, Ohio 44286. Make checks payable to: Power of the Pen. You may also choose to pay fees online via PayPal using your credit card. Payment on purchase orders must be made by December 31 to avoid an additional assessment.

Enter no more than six contestants for each grade.

Note: You must designate one Judge for each grade team you are enrolling – whether the team is full or partial. No grade level can participate unless a qualified judge is designated, and the same person cannot judge two grade levels. You must also designate one adult volunteer.

A penalty of $25 will be assessed for each registered Contestant a school fails to bring to the tournament. The Judge drop penalty is $75. There are no penalty fees for up to two contestant drops reported to the Tournament Supervisor no later than 96 hours before the tournament (e.g. 9 a.m. Tuesday preceding a Saturday tournament). No penalty fees are assessed for replacement changes in contestants up to and including the day of the tournament. Changes in Judges (who must be qualified) must be approved by the State Office.

Payment Deadlines

Initial registration fees must be paid in full by December 31 to avoid a $50 late filing fee.

Contestant and Judge Names Deadline – December 1, 2018

Contestant, judge and volunteer information must be received no later than December 1, 2018 (or November 20 for a December district). You may either mail the information, or add it to your profile here on the website. Schools failing to meet this deadline will be assessed an additional $25 late filing fee. 

Contestant, judge and volunteer names and information may be changed by editing your profile online up to one week from the tournament date. Changes after that date must be made onsite the day of the tournament.

Power of the Pen
PO Box 442  |  Richfield, Ohio 44286

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